Ackie Monitor


Latin Name: Varanus acanthurus

Sex: Unsexed

The Ackie monitor, also known as the spiny tailed monitor, is one of the smallest and friendliest species of monitors. They will typically grow to about to 2 feet long (24 – 30 inches) and have a life span of 20 years. Ackie monitors are carnivorous, predominately eating insects such as mealworms, locusts and cockroaches but adults can have a pinkie mice, fish and even scrambled egg as an occasional treat. Any food items should be dusted with a vitamin and calcium powder such as Reptile Supplies Calcium D3 powder, that will help with absorbing the UVB and having healthy bone growth. Ackie monitors require 65% – 85% humidity levels, which can be maintained with a light daily spraying and a basking spot of 120- 150 Fahrenheit (48-65 Celsius). The Ackie monitor is a very active species and enjoys climbing and digging and may be housed together if the enclosure is big enough to do so.

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