Blue Tree Monitor CB19


Latin Name: Varanus macraei

Sex: Male

Blue Tree Monitors are tropical forests species. They are tree dwellers meaning they will spend most of off the ground in trees. Blue tree monitors are very well adapted to living and moving in trees with long nails for gripping and a long tail for balance. This species of monitor are predominantly insectivores eating crickets, cockroaches and locusts but will also eat defrosted chicks and small rodents on occasions.

The blue tree monitor requires high humidity levels of 80% as well as a basking area of 100 Fahrenheit (37 celsius). The high humidity levels can be maintained by spraying the enclosure daily. They will also need to be provided with UVB light which will maintain healthy bone growth by allowing the calcium, that should be dusted on there food regularly, to be absorbed. Overall a blue tree monitor can grow to be 3.5 ft (just over a metre) in length, with females being slightly smaller and have a life span of 10 year in captivity.

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