Tiger het 100% Albino Carpet Python


Latin name: Morelia spilota
Sex: Currently Unknown
Location: A
Enquiries at Farnborough store: 01265 371111
Carpet pythons are medium-sized pythons, Adults measure 2-3.6 m (6.5-12 ft.) in length. They are named for their beautiful markings, which resemble an oriental carpet pattern. Large bodied snakes, like the carpet python, can live more than 20 years in captivity. Despite their large size, carpet pythons are a relatively easy species to care for.

Your set up needs to include a large water bowl for cooling down, will help loosen shedding skin and keep humidity level stable, this should be between 40-50%. A basking area of 88 Fahrenheit (31 Celsius) and cool end of around 85 Fahrenheit (29 Celsius). They eat thawed/ defrosted rodents every 7-10 days and as they become larger they can feed on quails and rabbits.

CB 21

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