Crested Gecko (Mixed Morphs)


Latin Name: Correlophus ciliatus

Sex: Currently Unknown

Crested geckos can grow up to 20cm (7inches) in length and they have a life span of up to 20 years. They are very popular due to their calm nature and being relatively easy to care for. Crested geckos are omnivores eating a variety of bugs such as crickets and locusts as well as eating vegetation and fruit, this can be given in the form of Reptiles Supplies Gecko Diet which come in a range of flavours. They will require a basking area of 26-28 Celsius (78-82 Fahrenheit) and humidity levels of 40-50%. Regular misting will not only keep humidity levels high but being arboreal geckos they are unlikely to drink from a water bowl on the ground, therefore they will lap water droplets from the surrounding foliage. Crested geckos prefer to live on their own only coming together to mate but if they were to be kept on pairs, the enclosure needs to be large with plenty of hiding places.

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