Crocodile Skink


Latin Name: Tribolonotus gracilis

Sex: Currently Unknown

Crocodile skinks are generally not aggressive but do not like to be handled often. They will grow to an average of 10 inches and have a life span of up to 12 years. Crocodile skinks are most active at dawn and dust, this is when they feed. They are insectivores, meaning they will only eat insects such as crickets, locusts and small cockroaches. Humidity should be kept between 70-90%, this can be maintained with regular misting and a large, shallow water bowl so the skinks can drink from it and get out easily. Crocodile skinks require a basking spot of 82 Fahrenheit (27 Celsius) with the cooler end being no less that 75 Fahrenheit (23 Celsius).

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