Frozen Small Rats x 5


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Frozen Rats are ideal food for most species of snake and other carnivourous reptiles, rats tend to be larger than mice and offer a better balance of nutrients.

Why use frozen foods?

  • Frozen feeders ensure you have the right size prey on feeding day. No more last minute dashes to your pet store to find that they are closed.
  • Frozen feeders can be kept up to 3 months in a Ziploc bag, 6 months in a airtight “Tupperware” type container, and up to 2 years if vacuum packed.
  • None of the mess or smell of raising your own.
  • Freezing kills parasites and worms that may be in your prey and can affect your snake, reptile, or raptor.
  • Frozen feeders wont fight back! No more worries about prey possibly attacking and injuring, or maiming your reptile.
  • Frozen feeders save you money by allowing you to buy in bulk.
  • Frozen feeders are a great way to insure that you are feeding a healthy, nutritious, clean prey item. The better the food, the better your animal will do.
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