Giant African Land Snail


Latin Name: Achatina fulica

Giant African Land Snails will grow to be 20cm (7 inches) in length and have a life span of 5-10 years. Giant African Land Snails will require deep, moist, soil based substrate so they are able to burrow and maintain humidity levels of 75-90%. Maintaining such humidity levels can also be done by adding leaf litter, moss and even a shallow water bowl that the snail will also drink from as well as regular misting. Giant African Land Snails do best when kept at temperatures of 21-23 Celsius (69-73 Fahrenheit), a low wattage heat mat can be used on the underside of the enclosure. These snails will at a wide variety of fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, apple and even dandelions. Cuttlefish bone or broken egg shell is a must for growing snails as this will provide the calcium for healthy shell growth. These snails are hermaphrodites, which means that each snail has both male and female reproductive organs so 2 snails can quickly turn into a lot more.

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