Giant African Millipede


Latin Name: Archispirostreptus

Giant African Millipedes get their name from being one of the biggest species of millipede as they grown between 7.5 – 11 inches (19-27 cm) in length. They have a life span of 7 to 10 years and easy are to care for, making them great pets. These Millipedes will eat fruit such as melon and banana, vegetables such as cucumber and lettuce and vegetation such as decaying leaves. A water bowl should be provided and by placing a stone in it, it will prevent drowning as it will act like a ladder so they are able to get out. Giant African Millipedes do best at 70-75 Fahrenheit (21-23 Celsius) with humidity levels of 75-80%. A gentle spray of non chlorinated water to make the substrate damp, which should also be deep as they like to dig, will help maintain such levels.

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