Halmahera Giant Gecko (Pair)


Latin Name: Gehyra marginata

Sex: Pair

Halmahera Giant Geckos reach up to 11 inches (27cm) in length and have a life span of 15-20 years. These geckos are nocturnal and are omnivores so is best if you fed them in the evenings on insects such as crickets, locusts and cockroaches and fruits that can be fed in the form of Reptile Supplies Gecko Diet, which comes in 18 different flavours. A shallow water bowl can be provided but Halmahera geckos will lap water droplets from surrounding foliage to keep hydrated. Halmahera Geckos require a basking spot of 78-82 Fahrenheit (25-27 Celsius) with humidity levels between 60-80%, which can be maintain with regular misting.

Available from the Farnborough store – 01252 371111

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