Leopard Tortoise


Latin Name: Stigmochelys pardalis

Sex: Currently Unknown due to age

Leopard Tortoises can grow to be between 10-18 inches (25-45cm) and have a life span of 70+years. Their diet consists of mainly grasses and vegetation as they grazers and require a high fibre diet rich in calcium. Commercial tortoise foods can also be included in their diet. Fruit such as strawberries, melon and apple can be given but should make up no more than 5% of the tortoises diet. Leopard tortoise require a basking spot of between 70-100 Fahrenheit (21-37 Celsius) with humidity levels of 40-60%. UVB is also a requirement as this, as well as calcium supplements, will help with healthy shell growth. A shallow water bowl should be provided for drinking and warm water soaks accouple of times a week will ensure hydration.

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