PR Cloth Element Heat Mat (6×11″) 6W


ProRep Heat Mats and Heat Strips are designed for use with reptiles, amphibians and
invertebrates. They work by producing ultra long wavelength infra red heat that is absorbed
by the animal and cage furnishings in much the same way as the sun warms basking
animals or the ground in the wild. This action allows the animals to warm themselves
without necessarily raising the air temperature in the vivarium or tank. The choice of heat
mat size and installation method will depend very much on the requirements of the species
and the design and size of the set up and supplementary heating may be required for
species that require a more intense heat or localised basking spots to raise their body
temperature sufficiently. Care must be taken to comply with the safety and installation
instructions and the use of a thermostat is essential. ProRep Heat Mats and Strips are
available in two different heating element materials – cloth and printed film – and in a range
of sizes to suit most heating requirements and are manufactured in the UK to the highest
safety standards.