Pygmy Hedgehog



Latin Name: Atelerix albiventris

Sex: Male

Pygmy Hedgehogs are normally shy and reclusive but become tame with gentle handling and socialization. They have an average life span of between 3 and 6 years and grow to be 5-8 inches (12-20cm). They are nocturnal so will be most active at night, this is also the best time to feed them. Pygmy Hedgehogs will eat insects such as mealworms and crickets, fruit and vegetable such as carrots, apples and berries but most pet stores will supply commercial hedgehog food, which contains a complete balanced diet. Cat food can also be fed but must be grain free. A large, solid exercise wheel is also great for preventing obesity. Pygmy Hedgehogs like to be kept at a temperature of between 70-85 Fahrenheit (21-29 Celsius) with humidity levels of 40-70%.

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