ReptiBlock 2.5kg


Why is ReptiBlock perfect for you, and what is the difference with these other brands? Because it is specially designed for reptiles and amphibians! But what does that mean exactly? Is there a difference between brands of coco? Yes there is an huge difference between brands!! It all starts with the chip size and fiber content; Big chunky chips give less volume, so they will be more expensive in use, because you will only be able to fill 6-7 V70 tubs / 45-50 litres. Also this won’t feel comfortable for the snakes or other inhabitants laying on these big rocks. To small chip size will enhance dust levels, or will be cleared sieving the material, and there will be none or less fibers left.. not what we want! Reptiblock has a chip size of 6-12mm and the right amount of fibers to make a comfy bedding, almost no dust thanks to the blowers in the sieving process! We guarantee minimal 70 litres of product, Good for 8-10 V70 tubs! What makes our Reptiblock coco even more special, is that it is triple washed with clean fresh water.. This method of carefully triple washing makes the product lose taurine and saltlevels. Yes we can assure that we have the lowest saltlevels in the market! (< 0.3 EC ) After drying the cocochips are sieved and dust is blown out. Then then clean and dry product gets compressed in to blocks. ReptiBlocks are ready for you! Each shipment will be inspected and tested. Lab reports are present every time. For this quality-control we have a Belgian partner. All of this makes ReptiBlock a durable and constant partner for your pets wellbeing! Any questions? Just message us! Kind regards, Team ReptiBlock