Scaleless Tessera Cornsnake


Latin Name: Pantherophis guttatus

Sex: Female

Corn snakes are generally a docile species of snake, are relatively easy to care for and make great pet snakes so perfect for beginner snake owners. Corn snakes come in an array of different colours from grey and browns to bright red and oranges. They do not get very big, most adults getting from 3 to 5 feet (36-60inches) long. A corn snakes life span, on average, is between 15 and 20 years. They are completely carnivorous, eating defrosted pinkie mice when young and as they grow so should the food size. Adults need only be fed one appropriately sized prey item per week or 10 days, however, during the time around shedding they may loose their appetite. Around the time of shedding they may also use their water bowl a bath to soak, making shedding their skin much easier for them, so providing a water bowl big enough for them to fit into would be ideal. The prey item can be as wide, if not alittle wider than their head. If a corn snake feels threatened they may vibrate their tails as a defence mechanism, similarly to rattlesnakes.

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