Sudanese Plated Lizard


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Latin Name: Broadleysaurus major

Sex: Currently Unknown

The sadanese plated lizard will grow to be between 11 – 14 inches (28 – 35cm)in length with adult females being slightly bigger than the males and can live up to 20 years. They are diurnal which means they are most active during the day, where they will forage, bask and dig in deeper substrate. With gentle, regular handling most individuals are tame and will tolerate being handled. The sadanese plated lizards are insectivores so will eat a range of insects such as crickets, locusts and cockroaches. They prefer a rocky, dry environment that replicates the savannah, therefor requiring a basking spot of 50-60 Celsius (125-140 Fahrenheit) with humidity level of between 50 – 70%.

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