Super Dwarf/Dwarf White Albino Reticulated Python


Latin Name: Python reticulatus

Sex: Currently Unknown

Reticulated pythons can grow to be 16 to 25 feet (also 8 metres) in length and live for 20 to 25 years. Reticulated pythons can occasionally be nippy especially when young as this is a defence mechanism but with regular handling they will grow out of this and is vital as the animal will grow to be very large and very powerful. They are carnivores so will start off eating small rodents such as mice and rats and grow to eat rabbit, pheasant and other larger prey items. The reticulated python enjoys to bathe in water, so a water bowl big enough for them to fit themselves in is not only be great to help shedding but they will be able to drink from it to. A reticulated python will require a basking spot of 88 to 92 Fahrenheit (31-33 Celsius) with 50 to 60% humidity.

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