Toffee Conda Hognose


Latin name: Heterodon nasiscus

Sex: Female

Female western hognoses can grow to be just short of 36 inches (91cm) with males being smaller at an average of between 14 to 24 inches (35-60cm) and both can live up to 18 years. Hognoses, like most snakes, are carnivorous and will eat defrosted pinkie mice as hatchlings and grow to eat rodents such as large mice and small weaner rats. They may also eat small fish that are usually used for carnivorous marine animals but only normally used when they are young and fussy to feed. Hognoses are from semi-arid environments but will need to be provided with water bowl bigger enough for the snake to be able to fit itself in as they will not only drink from it but they may use the water to soak when in shed. Temperatures should be maintained at 90 Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) at the warm end and have a gradient of 70 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) at the cooler end, this allows the snake to maintain its body temperature. Hognoses are rear fanged venomous, meaning there teeth that inject the venom are at the back of the mouth and is not harmful to humans unless allergic. Hognoses, when threatened, will either flatten their heads (much like a cobra) and be quite vocal or they will “play dead”. They will play dead by opening its mouth, rolling onto its back and releasing a bad odour but in general hognoses make great pets and tolerant being handled.

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